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 Ron Weasley Application

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PostSubject: Ron Weasley Application   Ron Weasley Application Icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2011 6:53 am

Name: Ronald Bilius Weasley

Age: 15

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

House: Gryffindor

Physical Description (pictures accepted): Ron is described as rather tall and gangly. He has a long nose, freckles and the typical Weasley-red hair.

Personality: Ron can be quite sarcastic sometimes and also has a good sense of humor. Unfortunately, he doesn't understand girls as well and is constantly quarreling with Hermione, his best friend.

Pure blood/Half blood/Muggle Born: Pureblood, although the Weasley's are considered bloodtraitors by other Pureblood families for the beliefs that they hold.

Likes/Dislikes/Fears/Etc.: His likes? Food. He is known for constantly eating and during feasts or mealtimes, will devour everything on his plate and help himself to seconds and sometimes even thirds. Fears? Ron is incredibly afraid of spiders, a fear that was increased after a run-in with Aragog the Acromantula in his second year. Dislikes? Slytherin House, to be frank.

Background: Ron comes from a very large family. He has several older brothers: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George. He also has a younger sister, Ginny, who is a year younger than he is. Ron grew up at The Burrow, a house just outside the village of Ottery St. Catchpole.

Roleplay sample (your character in any setting):

Ron gripped his wand tightly and tried to concentrate. Memories were swirling around in his head and he couldn't seem to be able to pick one. Finally, it came to him: it was his fifth birthday. Mrs. Weasley beamed as he unwrapped the long package in front of him. Once the brown paper had come loose, he ripped it open, gasping in delight. There, in front of him, was his very own broomstick. It was child-size and he knew it would only hover directly over the ground at a safe height, but that didn't matter. The fact that he finally had something that was his and not a hand-me-down made it the best birthday gift he'd ever gotten in his life.

He opened his eyes, determination flashing in them as he raised his wand and spoke: "Expecto Patronum!"

A silvery dog burst from the end of his wand and darted around the Room of Requirement, knocking over the other DA members. It barked and wagged it's tail before coming to a stop in front of Ron. He gazed down at it, watching as it slowly faded, leaving a happy glow in its wake.

About you?

I'm just a Harry Potter nut. I grew up reading the series (started when I was around seven or eight years old) and it's been a huge part of my life. I'm incredibly emotionally attached to the series to the point where I can't understand what my life would have been without Harry Potter in my life.
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PostSubject: Re: Ron Weasley Application   Ron Weasley Application Icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2011 6:56 am


But otherwise okay XD
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Ron Weasley Application
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